Delete Social Media

Delete Social Media

Should you delete social media? I don't know about you, but I have.

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Delete Social Media

Here’s the thing. I do not want to know what everyone’s doing all the time.

If you are truly doing something valuable with your life, then you will not have enough time to check what others are doing.

Social media causes negative influence. It tries to dictate how one’s life should be whereas you can be happy without all that nonsense. You can observe this while going through Instagram. People post pictures that beg social approval. Most of the time they took that picture for Instagram. They are not there to savor the moment.

You will FOMO all the time. Because at any point in time, someone is having fun when you are toiling.

Look, my friends are going to these wonderful places but I’m still at home doing dishes.

You feel bad about your life but in reality, your life is much more content than those fakers.

Uninstall Instagram, I will wait.

Some changes happened in my life after I removed social media.

  • I miss few people (I can always text or call).
  • I will not be up to date with the news that doesn’t change my life one bit.
  • I have started to value relationships and things I have.
  • I’m content with what I have.
  • I have more time for important things in life.
  • I’m productive without all those distractions.
  • I don’t spend money on the things I do not need.
  • I have a happy life.

If you think about it, a dog is happier than most people are. Because it has a few things on its mind. We on the other hand think about a million things which are not needed at the moment.

If you are managing pages and ads on your social media then you may not want to delete the account. I had the same issue. I just unfollowed everything. There is nothing on my feed. This way, any social medium cannot build a profile on you.

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