Office chair vs Gaming chair

Office chair vs Gaming chair

Gaming chairs seems to be the new fad these days. Is it going to go on forever?

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Office chair vs Gaming chair

Gaming chair = A chair with wheels that looks like the seat of a race car.

That’s all there is to it. It holds you in position when you are riding your car(on the computer).

The first time I saw a gaming chair must be on pewdiepie’s channel. It looks amazing. Almost everything is adjustable. The height, hand-rest, angle of the recliner are all adjustable to your comfort and also there are wheels on the base.

Why do you need wheels?

Having a wheel on a chair has some advantages. It is easy to get out of the chair. It is easy to turn around to speak to someone and also moving the chair from one place to another is easy.

Maybe it is just me but I think wheels on a chair or chair on wheels is overkill. It reduces the life of the chair drastically. Replacement costs a lot even if one spoke or wheel is broken.

In an office where multiple teams have to work together, a chair with a wheel makes sense because you can just drag the chair over towards another team to collaborate. I don’t think it makes sense for a home office.

Comfort matters

Someone from a cold region buying a leather gaming chair makes sense. It warms you up even if the room is cold.

For someone in India, it doesn’t make sense. You should not be using a leather chair unless you want to drench the seat with sweat.

A mesh chair is what you need in hot regions. Mesh chairs allow free flow of air and cool you even if you are sitting for a long time.

What’s the life of these chairs?

Gaming chairs are good only if the adjustable parts are all working fine. We had a chair which used to gradually go down when someone sits on it. That one needs a repair. I was sick of these breaks-at-some-point chairs. I was looking for a good alternative.

If you go to any government office in India, you will probably see a chair like this one.

Indian office mesh chair

Maybe the mesh is all torn, the frame has lost color, or is rusty but it still functions as a chair. I went with this one!

This had everything I wanted. I wasn’t sure about the comfort but turns out it is fine. It swivels a little towards the back like a shock absorber which I like. It has a lot of space for the air to flow(in or out :P) and keeps me cool.

The metal and wood will last for a long time but the mesh will certainly break at some point but I guess it can be re-wired. I got this for ₹2000 but could be less in some places. I hope it is worth the price.

This is new to me. I already found a few flaws. I cannot cross my leg and sit as Sadhguru does. Hand-rest isn’t that great unless your keyboard is at the right height.

I will update this after using it for some time.

Also no wheels!


After using it for more than 3 months, I really like this chair. I keep a small pillow at the lower back to sit in an upright position.

You may not like the old design but don’t worry there is a new one.

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