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Simplify Life

Simple items that can replace carcinogenic chemicals in our daily life.

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I follow few simple rules that are breakable if there is an emergency. I think it simplifies life.

  • spend only when you need something.
  • do not depend on one income source.
  • free up your calendar for creative things.
  • try to be self-reliant in food, water, and electricity.
  • free yourself from using LPG, Diesel, Petrol etc.
  • do not take any subsidies, handouts, or free stuff from the govt.
  • homeschool your kids

I’m all for paying taxes but I think a better way to help the governament is to get out of the system(at least partially).

I will be writing more on this here..

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Henri Charriere in his book Papillon, hasn’t thanked coconut enough is what I feel. I think it saved his life multiple times. I have also found so many uses for coconut oil that I cannot write all of them here.

In a world brimming with a plethora of choices for every conceivable need, we often overlook the significance of what we put into our bodies.

Modern chemical-laden products may promise quick results, but their potential long-term repercussions cannot be ignored.

A stark reminder of this lesson lies in the haunting story of the Radium Girls, an extreme but apt illustration of the perils of reckless chemical usage in our day and age.

Amidst the overwhelming array of commercial products, a compelling alternative emerges – one that our ancestors have trusted and relied upon for generations.

Looking back into their wisdom can reveal an array of natural solutions that are not only effective but also gentle on both our bodies and the environment.

When in doubt, it’s worth questioning: “What did our ancestors do or use?” Let’s delve into some of these age-old remedies that are simple, natural, and surprisingly effective:

Toothpaste: Alum (2 to 3gms) + Rocksalt + Charcoal powder(optional) + Coconut Oil(optional)

Though the taste might be peculiar, the combination of Alum, Rocksalt, and Coconut Oil creates a toothpaste that works wonders for dental health.

You will feel this dryness and pull. It is weird at first but you will get used to it. It solves the bleeding gum issue in a few days. I have found this useful to tackle bad breath as well.

There is this Ayurvedic method called oil pulling that was done by our ancestors. I do it occasionally.


Alum powder should be used in little quantity (less than 4gms) as there is a risk of enamel corosion which is an irreversible damage.

Soap: Besan (Gram Flour) + Curd/Lemon Juice (optional) + Honey (optional)

A basic yet highly effective alternative to store-bought soaps can be made with just Besan. However, if desired, you can mix in some curd or lemon juice for added benefits, and honey for extra moisture.

I do use soap once in a while.


I don’t use any shampoo. I just apply coconut oil or castor oil hours before taking a shower. Use Shikakai powder if you want lather.

Deodorant: Alum

For a chemical-free and fragrance-free deodorant, simply rub Alum on your underarms. It may lack the artificial aroma, but it will effectively keep unpleasant odors at bay throughout the day.

You can buy Alum bars in the market for about ₹20. I can’t still believe that an item with so many benefits costs less than a break-fast.

Facepack: Alum Powder + Turmeric + Curd/Milk + Lemon Juice

A rejuvenating facepack can be concocted using Alum powder, Turmeric, and Curd or Milk, with a splash of Lemon juice for an added glow.

Again the tightness you feel on your face is amazing!

Wounds and Cuts: Turmeric Powder + Alum Powder

The combination of Turmeric and Alum powder forms a potent antiseptic mixture to aid in the healing process of wounds and cuts.

The pull by alum can close small cuts and wounds from bleeding.

Mouth-fresheners: Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds, nature’s mouth freshener, are a simple and healthy way to combat bad breath. Alum powder gargling also prevents bacterial growth in the mouth.

Hair Care: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, a timeless elixir, is a perfect solution for nourishing and protecting your hair without any harmful additives.

Eye drops: Coconut Oil(Cold pressed)

Using organic cold-pressed coconut oil as eye-drops can offer relief from dryness and irritation. Its gentle, lubricating effect helps to moisturize delicate eye tissues, easing discomfort caused by environmental factors or extended screen time.

Body Lotion: Coconut Oil

A single ingredient, coconut oil, proves to be an excellent all-natural body lotion, providing deep hydration and a healthy glow.

Cooking: Coconut Oil, Ghee

In the realm of culinary arts, our ancestors embraced the goodness of Coconut Oil and Ghee, steering away from chemically-altered alternatives.

Embracing a Natural Lifestyle

Emulating the practices of our ancestors goes beyond personal care products. It involves embracing a natural lifestyle that prioritizes well-being and sustainability.

By reducing our reliance on synthetic chemicals and adopting time-tested natural remedies, we not only nurture our health but also contribute to a healthier planet.

In conclusion, let us be more mindful of the choices we make and their potential impact on our long-term health.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of our ancestors can lead us towards a chemical-free and harmonious life, where simplicity and efficacy go hand in hand.

So, let’s take a step back to move forward – back to the roots of our heritage and the embrace of natural solutions.

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