Svelte Binding Variables Across Components

Watching for a change in the child component changing the parent component doesn't always have to be a store. A bound variable can do it.

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Passing Props

Passing props from parent to children is quite easy in Svelte. But the other way around is a little tricky.

I recommend using stores where it is completely necessary. For simpler cases, we can use component binding.

Component Binding

Consider this design where there are 3 components one indide the other.

svelte components props binding

We can bind component props so that they maintain the same state across.


  import Nav from "./Nav.svelte";

  export let isDarkMode = false;

<Nav bind:isDarkMode />

Now since the variable isDarkMode is bound to Nav, any changes to it in the <Nav /> will reflect in the <Header />.


  import ShowCurrentMode from "./ShowCurrentMode.svelte";

  export let isDarkMode;

<button on:click={() => isDarkMode = !isDarkMode} >Switch</button>

<ShowCurrentMode bind:isDarkMode />

This can be bound to multiple components inside <Nav />.


  export let isDarkMode;

<p>Current mode is {isDarkMode ? "Dark" : "Light"}</p>

Now, all three components will have the variable isDarkMode in the same state. Any change in its state in the <Nav /> will change reflect in the parent component <Header /> and also at the child component <ShowCurrentMode />.

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