How to add utterances comments to Sveltekit?

How to add utterances comments to Sveltekit?

Adding Utterances comments to your svelte or sveltekit site is quite easy. You do not need a new package.

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Utterances is a simple script tag but you cannot just use it as-is in Svelte or Sveltekit.

If you want to execute a script tag in Svelte/Sveltekit, you should have it inside a html tag. Top level script tags in Svelte has dedicated functionality.


  <script src=""
        repo="[ENTER REPO HERE]"

You can use this method to load any such script tag that needs to go inside a Svelte component.

If the script is not a display component then you can always place it inside svelte:head tag.

    <!-- some script here -->

Utterances expects the script to be placed in the document where the comments should be loaded. So you cannot put that inside svelte:head. If you do so, then the comment might show up above everything else.

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