1. Videos Sveltekit tutorial, Svelte tutorial, Jekyll tutorial videos
  2. Online CV A minimal Jekyll Theme to host your resume (CV)
  3. Crocodaily A static ecommerce site built using Sveltekit
  4. Nallikayi A kannada podcast website built using Jekyll
  5. KidsChessWorld A Chess related website built using Jekyll
  6. ChessGo Printable Chess puzzles database.
  7. Svelte Themes A collection of svelte templates, themes, plugins and more.
  8. Jekyll Themes A collection of jekyll themes.
  9. Patra Share your note with anyone through a link, no database, no storage.
  10. Krishna Krishna is a minimal Jekyll theme suitable for code based blogs and project showcase.
  11. Arjuna A minimal sveltekit template for personal blog, portfolio.
  12. Bheema A simple jekyll theme for journal, news etc.

More projects here